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Traffic Control and Supply

Traffic Control and Supply Ltd. is based out of Whitecourt, AB. The personnel in Traffic Control are ATTC certified and fully flag person trained. We have been doing Traffic Control for the past three years and have expanded from one truck to three. We presently are building two more units to keep up with demand. We have a total of 6 arrow boards, all the signs and pylons required to get the job done. We have covered Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Swan Hills, Edson, Redwater, Sangudo, Green Court, Valleyview, Donnelly Corner and Bonanza. Highway 32 north to Highway 2 and Highway 32 south to Highway 16. Highway 43 to Debolt and 43 to Onoway. We go wherever the job takes us. Give us a call, you will not be disappointed. 780-268-0525


RPO River Valley


T7S 1W8


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