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Brock is an Edmonton commercial photographer that specializes in editorial, advertising, and commercial photography in Edmonton. Brock also teaches photography classes in Edmonton independently in his studio as well as through MacEwan University. He has been shooting professionally for 8 years, three of which he was also studying photography and design at the same institution he now teaches at. He's had experience shooting for a variety of different corporations and businesses throughout Alberta and Western Canada.


8613 - 39B Avenue


T6K 3E7


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Rant Raves and Reviews

Submitted by Jeff

"Brock took our wedding photos, we chose him based off his website and online reviews. It was a huge mistake. Our wedding was at the end of July, we didn't get our pictures until November. When we did receive them we got 291 photos, out of more than 3000 that he took. If these were the best I am horrified to think of what the majority looked like. Many of the photos are blurry and feature closed eyes or terrible shots. Some examples being the only photos of our wedding cake are not centered and one side is cut off, in every single picture of the cake. He took pictures of our wedding rings on top of my wife's bouquet, which are all blurry. And most of the photos we received our eyes are closed or otherwise look bad. A few times he was taking pictures of my wife I took a few pictures with my cell phone. I do not know how it is possible that they turned out better than all the pictures he took with his professional equipment. Once we went through the pictures we were horrified that we had no good pictures of us and many people that attended the wedding were not present in any photo at all! We sent an email to Brock and got no response until it was followed up with phone calls a couple of weeks later. We ended up going to a studio and having new photos taken by a photographer. It just sucks that we don't even have a single photo of our wedding day to remember, that is something I don't wish on anyone. when I finally spoke to Brock, he said it is common to only receive such a small amount of pictures back, and said my wife was just super critical, but that cannot be true as she loved almost all the pictures the second photographer took. Since Brock basically told me to get lost when I spoke to him I am currently launching a case against him in small claims court. I hope this message gets out and he is not able to ruin anyone else's wedding. If anyone has any reason to doubt me I can forward some of Brock's work to you. "