Woodlands County

Located less than 2 hours northwest of Edmonton, this vast woodland area includes the communities of Whitecourt, Fort Assiniboine, Blue Ridge and Goose Lake.

When it comes to vision, Woodlands County doesn't think small. It looks well into the future and makes solid plans to keep this area prosperous, sustainable and thriving. Low tax rates, a strong support system and a community of like-minded people make this the ideal place to be a part of a big vision for the future.

With two provincial parks, rivers, streams, lakes and thousands of miles to explore, Woodlands County is a place ripe with opportunity and potential.

Several major industries and a wide variety of successful companies call Woodlands County home, including Alberta's only newsprint mill (Alberta Newsprint Company), Millar Western Forest Products and Blue Ridge Lumber. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the area in larger numbers each year, contributing to a growing tourism and recreation industry. The summer months provide numerous opportunities for camping, hiking and off-roading. In the winter, visitors flock to the area to take in some of the country's best snowmobiling trails in the Whitecourt area, which is known as the Snowmobile Capital of Alberta. Woodlands County also lays claim to some of the most fertile agricultural land in the province.

Population 4,306 (2011 Census Canada)

Woodlands County is strategically located 170 km northwest of Edmonton. Highway 43 (CANAMEX Corridor) runs through Woodlands County and Alberta's geographic center is located within the county's boundaries.

Major Employers
Millar Western
Alberta Newsprint Company
Blue Ridge Lumber (a division of West Fraser Timber)
Airbourne (located at County Airport)
Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza
three school divisions
Alberta Health Services
Woodlands County also houses a host of major business outlets. The hamlet of Fort Assiniboine welcomed petroleum-based exploration companies Trident Exploration and Nexen Inc. More major companies are also bringing their businesses to nearby Whitecourt, such as Wal-mart and Canadian Tire. Mixing large-scale outfitters with local businesses creates a unique experience that blends the convenience of city shopping with small-town service.

Major Industry
Agriculture, Newsprint production, Forestry, Petroleum and Petroleum-based Exploration.