Grande Alberta

The Grande Alberta Economic Region (GAER) - partnership of 12 municipalities that work collectively on opportunities that bolster our region's economy and strengthen our communities in Alberta.

Municipalities in this Region:

Grande Alberta Economic Region is a place of broad boundaries and no limits with 12 vibrant communities. Our vision is as broad as our geography. From small business to major industries including forestry, oil & gas and agriculture, we are working together to adapt and prosper in the current economy. GAER is a place where nature is abundant, choices are plentiful, business is evolving and life is good.

Highlights of our Region

The Grande Alberta Economic Region straddles west central Alberta… bracketed between one of Canada’s most dynamic metropolitan markets – Edmonton – on its eastern edge and one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks – Jasper – on the west. From Fox Creek and Grande Cache in the north to Drayton Valley in the south, GAER is about open spaces and limitless possibilities.

Broad boundaries with no limits

GAER’s communities combine to offer a unique blend of qualities, a rare recipe for success you just can’t find anywhere else!

Great business opportunities are all about ‘fit’…and you’ll find your best fit in the Grande Alberta Economic Region.